Why is Sailing Better Than a Summer Holiday on the Seaside?

Sailing boats are like floating hotels that enable you to change the scenery and destination as you desire. Here are the major reasons for choosing a sailboat charter over a hotel.

It’s nearly difficult to recreate a moment this wonderful while staying in a hotel. Sailing vacations are increasingly in popularity among tourists with families today and are rising faster than a standard hotel stay.

People travel from all over the world for sailing vacations for a variety of reasons. The only vacation that combines the allure of the nation’s mainland with white sand beaches, clean waterways, and the freedom to travel at your own pace through beautiful coastal villages, islands, and bays is a sailing holiday.

Not yet persuaded? The following are the main benefits of a sailing vacation:

Sailing in Dubrovnik

The Freedom to Choose

You may create the vacation of your dreams with complete flexibility when you charter your sailing vessel. There are no tour guides, time constraints, hurrying to catch a bus or late checkout fines. There are countless options when it’s just you, your skipper, and open water. You can set sail whenever you like, travel anywhere you desire, and create your itinerary entirely.

You can still visit places on the mainland, but instead of going from hotel to hotel or being shuttled around in a tour group, you can sail to a different harbour, bay, or cove every day. Do you want to stay another day? No issue. And there’s no need to stress about additional accommodation fees. One of the most adaptable vacations is a sailing trip. The decision of where to sail is the only challenging part!

Montenegro catamaran monohull sailing

Travel in Style

Which sounds better: carrying your baggage through hot, sweaty public transportation, renting a car, and having to pack and repack your already-bulging suitcase every day, or spending your days sailing between islands, diving into crystal-clear water, and relaxing in the warm sun on the deck?

You will feel posh, at ease, and utterly carefree when sailing on your private boat. It is a wonderfully soothing experience. Furthermore, you don’t need to bring as much! The visitors from the inland areas will see your lovely sailing boat as it passes through the water and looks out to sea.


Which sounds more appealing: spending your days sailing between islands in the Adriatic Sea, diving in the crystal-clear water, and lounging on the deck, or lugging your bags through hot, humid public transportation, renting a car, and having to pack and repack your already overstuffed suitcase every day?

You and your family will have the utmost privacy while sailing on a yacht. There aren’t many places outside of your hotel room where you and your loved ones can enjoy the peace and be alone.

Lustica Bay sail Montenegro

However, the sea is not congested, and you have complete privacy when you sail on your own sailing boat. You have the option of taking a picnic lunch to a remote cove or sleeping on the deck while seeing the night sky filled with stars. However, suppose you do feel like socialising with people. In that case, you can dock in a beautiful harbour and visit the nearby eateries and nightlife before heading back to your cosy waterfront home.

The pleasure of renting a sailing yacht is utterly peaceful, and you’ll feel posh at ease, and fully carefree every day.

A new beach, cove or bay every day

Discovering the places you’ve always wanted to visit is the whole point of taking a trip, isn’t it? Travelling by boat gives you the freedom to go anytime you like and allows you to explore these places even more.

For staying at a hotel, you are frequently compelled to spend money on a car rental or pay for a cab and ferry fee when sightseeing, as you are otherwise only allowed to travel within the city limits. Instead of worrying about costs or having to make a long trip back to the hotel, sailing down the coast allows you to explore these towns as well as brand-new beaches, bays, or coves every day. Imagine the excitement of seeing Montenegro from the water! You can spend every day at a different beach and every evening somewhere new.

The scenery

Nothing compares to looking across the water and taking in the breathtaking landscape of your next location. Your dream location will seem in its most stunning form from the water. You now have a unique perspective because of where you are. You will have access to everything, from miles of white sand to mountains covered in pine trees. Of course, you may still set foot on land to take in the breathtaking surroundings there, but when you’re on a boat, every movement you make will be picturesque.

There’s never a dull moment

A world of possibilities becomes available when travelling by sea. You may still walk ashore and enjoy everything the mainland has to offer, but now you have access to all those water-based activities without having to pay any additional fees. You can either engage in thrilling sports like swimming, snorkelling, or diving, or you can spend a lazy afternoon reading your favourite book while looking out at the horizon.

best southern Croatia sailing catamaran

You can cruise to undiscovered coves and historic ruins that are hidden from view. Without having to worry about scheduling a day excursion or boat voyage, you also have a sea full of islands waiting for you when you get there. There won’t be any time wasted waiting in a cab line or inside a hotel room because there will always be something fun to do.

It’s well within your budget

Think again if you believe a sailing trip is an expensive extravagance and utterly out of your price range. More people than ever can afford to rent boats. Through the provision of boats and yachts, as well as skippers and other crew members, we aim to make boating holidays accessible and cheap. The cost of sailing will typically be lower if you’re on a summer vacation with your friends or family because hotels are very pricey during the high seasons. Additionally, your overall cost quickly increases when you factor in all the additional fees and hidden expenditures related to travelling by land. But when you reserve a boat, most of your expenses are already covered.

Zlatni rat best sailing in Croatia

So, what’s stopping you? Choose a sailing holiday over a hotel!

The freedom to explore private beaches, secluded seaside coves, and the thick forests and streams that dot many coastlines comes with renting your boat. Just you, the sea, the sun, and an endless array of choices; no stale hotel rooms or subpar hotel meals. 

Pick your destination

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Montenegro route

If you are hoping for a lengthy coastline dotted with especially lovely islands, and a taste of life in traditional coastal towns then your destination is Montenegro. With pristine beaches, your secret spot on the island, fishing villages and restaurants serving authentic seafood dishes, and opulent marinas, you will enjoy the best Montenegro sailing experience. Book now!

Croatia routes

Sailing in Croatia is like a trip across time, cruising the clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. The landscapes of Brijuni, Telašćica, Kornati Islands, Vransko Lake, Krka Falls, Lastovo Islands, and Mljet are extremely impressive and well worth visiting. Enjoy charming villages as you discover dozens of islands scattered off the Croatian Coast. Book now!