Chill out & enjoy sailing vibe in Montenegro

Stunning bay full of history

Enjoy sailing through the most beautiful bay in Europe – Boka bay. See Our Lady of the Rock island. Dine amazing seafood in the Fisherman’s village. Sail to Kotor and walk through its Old Town which is UNESCO protected. Visit nostalgic old towns Perast, Risan, and Herceg Novi.


Visit hidden wild beaches

Discover hidden gems. Small, intimate beaches surrounded by rocks and forest. Not many times you will feel like you are alone on the summer vacation. We will show you most secluded, quiet and clean beaches which are not overcrowded and enjoy the best Montenegro sailing experience.

You deserve luxury

Feel like a millionaire in Porto Montenegro, Lazure marina, and Lustica Bay, the most luxurious marinas in this part of the World. Dine at the most prestige world restaurants, shop at the world’s biggest brands shops, and chill out at Buddha bar and Waikiki beach or Nikki beach resort.

Tivat Porto Montenegro Sailing in Montenegro
  • 8 days
  • Up to 12 People
  • starts in Tivat

What we can provide

  • Basic sailing leasons
  • Ski jet
  • Diving instructor
  • Diving equipment
  • Meals prepared by hostess
  • drink
    Water & Soft drinks
  • Alcohol drinks

We can provide you with sailing in Montenegro without worries about food and drink. On the boat, you will find almost everything you need. Of course, you can bring your own food and drink. Sail on luxurious catamarans or monohulls in Montenegro with a professional skipper. We always suggest catamarans with a large forward cockpit for sunbathing. A relaxation area on the breathtaking roof as well as comfort is generally worthy of a large catamaran.

We provide sailing service only for fully booked yachts and do not accept spot or cabin booking. If you need a smaller yacht just for you and your partner or your family, we will provide it. If your crew is bigger we will find yachts up to 12 beds. Feel free to customize your sailing or the route, we are here to make it together. All our itineraries are made as a suggestion, we can make it together.

Explore The Places You’ll See :

“God made the world in six days, and on the seventh day, he took his time and created this fjord under Lovćen.” – William Boyd

Itinerary Gallery

Check In from 2pm. Your adventure will start in glamorous superyacht hub of Porto Montenegro. Just 10 minutes away is location of Tivat Airport. You can check in, leave your bags and have a stroll through the white stone streets of the marina village, admiring the luxury fashion emporiums, sculptural art installations and palm trees lined up along the waterfront. 

Get on board from 4pm. Your boat will be ready for boarding at 4 pm. You can get on than or later during the evening.  Welcome drinks and snacks will be ready for you at 8pm by hostess. In most of the situations you will be able to choose your roommate but if you have spot booking maybe you will be assign to some random sailing friend. Marina have new, luxury facilities for warm welcome.

Tip You can leave your bags with us and spend whole day on famous and luxurious Waikiki beach or Buddha-bar only 5 minutes walk from Porto Montenegro.  Your catamaran will spend the first night in port and you be able to enjoy high class restaurants and clubs in Porto Montenegro and feel exclusive life still with people from all the world. Porto Montenegro is one of the favorite superyachts marinas.

Sail out around  11 am. After you woke up and finish your morning activities we will sail out. Coffee or squeezed juice in Porto Montenegro can be a nice option for early birds Porto Montenegro can be a nice option. We will start our journey on the closest spot for swimming, Stradioti (Sveti Marko) island. Former Polynesian-style Club Méditerranée “San Marco”, offers small, intimate bays for swimming and escape from urban.

Daybreak from 1 pm to 4 pm. Our next stop will be at Solila Beach, a gravel beach with sections for sunbathing, on Lustica Peninsular. The beach is a part of the recreation complex of the same name. It consists of a hotel, a restaurant, and SPA. It is located close to the sea lagoon, which is a special botanical and animal reserve with exotic species of birds. You can walk to the natural reservation “Solila” if you are a bird watcher.

Sail to Kotor, enjoy Boka Bay. It will be about 2 hours to sail through The Bay of Kotor area famous for some of Europe’s most amazing natural landscapes, with its natural fiord the only one in the Mediterranean. Boka Bay is also famous for its historical sites and beautiful resorts. Boka Bay is the biggest gulf of the Adriatic Sea and it’s listed as one of the 25 most beautiful bays in the world.

Night & Morning in Kotor. The Old Town is considered to be the best-preserved medieval walled town in the entire Mediterranean. The walls themselves stretch to 20-meters high, and they’re over a thousand years old. The Old Town of Kotor has a great number of monuments of medieval architecture: churches, cathedrals, palaces, and museums. Its beauty is complemented by the multitude of narrow streets, squares, and markets. On its walls, you will find Greek civilization, through Illyrian culture, Roman heritage, influences of Byzantines, and Venetian legacy after followed by Russians, Napoleon, and Austrian Empire days.

Sail out around noon. If you get a little bit earlier and you are an explorer then we have a Tip for youexplore Kotor walls. Walls are an example of construction through understanding and respect for nature and its laws. The length of all walls is more than 4 km; the thickness varies from 2 to 16, and the height occasionally reaches up to 20 m. Thanks to this huge stone band, Kotor managed to resist the attacks for centuries.

Sightview sailing. We continue our sail in Boka Bay. You will see Perast, a picturesque village, the hometown of famous captains. We will meet you with pearls of Boka Bay, Saint George is a natural island with a homonymous twelfth-century church and a graveyard where natives of Perast were buried in the past. The islet of Our Lady of the Rock is an artificial island created by sinking stones and old sailing vessels.

Swim & Sun afternoon. Around 2 pm we will anchor in front of a small intimate beach bar & restaurant Bajova kula with crystal clear water. You can swim from the catamaran, lie down in the sun on a beach, sit under a deep tree shadow in a bar, or take lunch in a beach restaurant. Cliff Jumping is our next stop on the road to the Marina Lazure. We will jump from the former submarine tunnel, a big communist-era attraction.

Night & Morning Lazure marina, Meljine. A one-of-a-kind Marina & Yacht Club, five-star, one of the best marinas for your Catamaran sailing in Montenegro. You can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and the freshness of Montenegrin products in restaurants. You can try the best local and regional wines in the wine bar. There is a Spa and Fitness oasis with body care treatments and a gym.  A large sandstone beach is part of the marina.

Dobrec Beach Montenegro sailing unique experienceSail out around 11 am. Good morning swim on Dobrec beach, nestled in between two wooded headlands. The perfect getaway in nature redefines the Mediterranean dining experience through an exquisite seasonal menu. The beach is part of the first branded resort in Montenegro and is accessible only by boat. It offers exceptional peace which is created by the surrounding vegetation.

Blue Cave Montenegro sailing unique experienceNext stop, Deep Blue. First time sailing out of Boka Bay, the first time in the Adriatic Sea. Massive rock cave with iridescent blue water popular for boat swimming & snorkeling. Blue Cave will impress you. It’s famous for its remarkable blue light, caused by the sun’s rays reflecting off the floor of the cave and bouncing onto the limestone rock walls inside.

sveti stefan Montenegro sailing unique experience

Getting close to Budva. Around 7 pm we will be near Budva. Before entering Budva marina we will sail around Saint Stefan, one of the most luxurious tourist resorts in Europe. This small rocky island was once a small fortified village used as a safe haven from Turkish incursions. It is now home to an exclusive hotel complex a popular destination for world-famous VIPs and royalty.

Budva Montenegro sailing unique experience

Budva is the nightlife capital of Montenegro. You could say that refers to the entire region, without a doubt. In Budva party never ends, being that the vast majority of people are on holiday here, whether locals or tourists.  Budva offers many famous clubs and discos mainly on the riviera, rife with modern ambience, friendly staff and a pleasant atmosphere.

Budva Old town Montenegro sailingMorning in Budva is a good time to visit its Old city walls, rising from the clear waters below. It is a mini Dubrovnik with marbled streets and Venetian walls. At its seaward end, the Citadela offers striking views, a restaurant and a library full of rare tomes and maps. There’s a cluster of interesting churches in “Trg između crkava”, the square in front of the citadel. Sail out around 1 pm. 

Plavi horizonti Montenegro catamaran sailing small

Next stop, “Plavi horizonti” sandy beach. On our way back, we will stop near Tivat where you will find an amazing beach called Plavi Horizonti, or Blue horizons wit clean Sand and an Epic view of Sunrise and Sunset. Its clear shallow waters and the calm attractive beach bordered by pine trees make it a great spot for a tryst with the colorful marine life along the rocky coves.

Lustica Bay Montenegro catamaran sailing small

After we see the sunset on the open sea we will dock in Lustica Bay one of the magical destinations on our Montenegro sailing route that beckons you to discover, explore and connect with the its beauty. Marina Village is home to a state-of-the-art marina, the amphitheater, a vibrant 2 km promenade lined with waterfront lifestyle shops and dining options, and a charming Lighthouse.

Lustica Bay Montenegro catamaran sailing marina small

Set on the waterfront, with life gravitating around its modern marina and charming promenade, the Lustica Bay Marina Village neighborhood is a lively destination, effecting a busy and buzzing seaside lifestyle at all hours of the day, throughout the year, with restaurants, bars, cafés, boutiques, an outdoor amphitheater and regular events all year round. We are here docking for overnight.

Almara beach club Montenegro catamaran sailingSwim&Sun day starts around 11 am when we sail out. We will spend some hours at fancy Beach clubs like Almara and Ribarsko Selo and some hours on wild bays with nobody around. On our way to Herceg Novi, we will try to get as many Sea&Sun as we can. You will enjoy the wild beauty of the Montenegro coastline, high mountains deep into the sea, and pine trees into the waves.

Arza fortress Montenegro catamaran sailing small

Arza Beach is a wild gravel beach on Lustica Bay. The views from Arza Beach are picture-perfect, with craggy rocks beside the blue waters, tall mountains framing the horizon, and just offshore, the charming tiny island of Otočić Gospa, home to a historic monastery, Monastir Sveti Vavadenje. The waters of Arza Beach are so clear, anchored boats almost appear to float mid-air.

Herceg Novi Montenegro catamaran sailing day

Pleated in lush hills, perched above the Bay of Kotor is the placid little town of Herceg Novi. We sail in Herceg Novi marina around 6 pm. Herceg Novi is often called ‘The City of the Sun’, thanks to a large number of sunny days all year round is recognizable by the abundance of mimosa trees and its numerous flights of stairs. Rich with greenery, it hides numerous kinds of tropical flowers.

Herceg Novi Montenegro catamaran sailing

Evening in Herceg Novi is a time of song, laughter and traditional cuisine specialties. During the summer months, many festivals are organized to further enrich the tourist offer of this enchanted town, often overlooked by travelers busy roaming between Budva and Kotor. Herceg Novi is a perfect place for those who adore small-town vibes and bucolic allure.

Nikki Beach Montenegro catamaran sailing smallBeach Club & Swim& day starts around 11 am when we sail out. You can choose to spend some time at the fancy Nikki Beach Hotel & Beach Club Montenegro.  The club is part of the luxury beach club concept. where you can spend the whole day celebrating at the seaside-facing restaurant and beach club, with its energetic pool scene and delicious international cuisine. 

Solila Beach club Montenegro catamaran sailingIf you do not find yourself in luxury places or want to change the Beach club to a gravel one, we can move 15 minutes further to Solila Beach, a gravel beach with sections for sunbathing, on Lustica Peninsular. The beach is a part of the recreation complex of the same name. It consists of a hotel, a restaurant, and SPA. You can walk to the natural reservation “Solila” if you are a bird watcher.

Porto Montenegro catmaran sailing day small

Our adventure ends where it started, in the glamorous superyacht hub of Porto Montenegro. You can stroll through the white stone streets of the marina village again, admiring the luxury fashion emporiums, sculptural art installations, and palm trees lined up along the waterfront. You can have meal in one of the world famous restaurants and meet taste of different cuisines. 

captain waving Montenegro catamaran sailing

Hope you have enjoyed sailing with us.

We will say goodbye at 10 am. 

Yachts options

We will help you choose a suitable boat based on the number of people in your sailing crew, preferences, sailing goals, and budget. Take your time, research thoroughly, and consider all the relevant factors before making a final choice.

If needed we can provide you with a hostess who will prepare delicious meals to enjoy on the cockpit while admiring the sunset.
You will find onboard fins, masks, and snorkels which will allow you to make beautiful underwater discoveries.

Among the fact that sailing catamarans and monohulls advertise for a maximum 12 people, no matter the size, for enjoyable sailing experience 8 people onboard is maximum.

Catamaran or Monohull
24 to 55 feet
Boat + Skipper + Gas
from 5300e for 7 days
Number of Cabins
1 to 5
Maximum Capacity
2 to 10 people
Crew Members
1 to 3
Sailing distance per week
90 to 140 miles
Evening & Night
Marina based

We will offer you the best options available on the market. Charter companies reserve the right to replace it with a different boat model of the same quality and performance.

Usefull Sailing Tips

Important sailing tips


Fly into Tivat Airport (TIV), Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is 4km from Tivat Airport (TIV), which is well-connected to European airports.

  • TAXI: Best and fastest option is the Taxi from Tivat airport to Porto Montenegro (ask from taxi driver to drop you off in front of Buddha Bar). The price is approximately 10 euro for 15min drive.



Fly into Podgorica airport (TGD), Montenegro – 91km, 2 to 3h

  • BUS: From Podgorica airport take a bus/taxi to the central bus station from which you have a bus for Tivat. The price is about 15 euro. Duration is about 3h. After you have reached the bus station in Tivat, you can take a 15-minute walk to Porto Montenegro marina. or you can take a taxi to Buddha Bar.
  • TAXI: Taxi cost from Podgorica airport to Tivat is approximately 70 euro for a 2h journey. You can find a taxi waiting in front of the airport or book one through a couple of websites. Option one, two, three, four, …



Fly into Dubrovnik airport (DBV), Croatia – 48km, 3 to 4h – With border crossing

One way to get to the Porto Montenegro marina is also flying to Dubrovnik (DBV), Croatia which is supported by significant European, Australian, and American flight links.

  • BUS: From Dubrovnik airport take a bus/taxi to the central bus station from which you have a bus for Tivat. The price is about 20 euro. Duration is about 3-4h which mainly depends on border crossing time. After you have reached the bus station in Tivat, you can take a 15-minute walk to Porto Montenegro marina. or you can take a taxi to Buddha Bar.
  • TAXI: Taxi cost from Dubrovnik airport to Tivat is approximately 130 euro for a 2h journey. Try to skip the taxi waiting in front of the airport and book one in advance through one of the websites. Option one, two, three, four, …

Let’s meet in the exclusive Porto Montenegro marina in the charming city of Tivat. No need to hurry – the earliest you can board is 6 pm Saturday.

We will be there at 5 pm to welcome you and do the paperwork. We are sailing out Sunday morning. For the check-in please prepare 90 euro for local marina taxes.

We return to Tivat Friday afternoon around 5 pm and the latest check-out time is until 9 am on Saturday morning.

If you have to go earlier you can do an early check-out. Please let us know on check-in if you require early check-out and remind your skipper on Thursday.

Bedding will be provided so you do not need to bring a sleeping bag.

We recommend soft bags, suitcases, frameless backpacks, and a small day pack or carry bag. Please do not bring externally framed bags, as they will reduce space in your cabin and can damage or mark the walls of the yacht/cabin. Please limit your luggage to a maximum of 20kg.

Just so you know, due to space and weight restrictions on our yachts, passengers with too much luggage on departure may be told they cannot take their entire luggage. We can not provide secure luggage storage during the trip for large framed suitcases.

Tourist info tips for Montenegro

If you want to explore Tivat Bay and the surrounding area and get familiar with one part of stunning Boka Bay you can do it through Tivat Travel official presentation.

You can find detailed info about Kotor, its surrounding area, and all activities in this historical town on the Kotor Travel website.

You can find detailed info about Budva, its surrounding area, and all activities in this party town on the Budva Travel website.

Official web presentation of Herceg Novi, with Events timetable and many suggestions on Where to stay, What to see & What to do you can find here.

Detailed info about the facilities that you can find in Porto Montenegro where we stay for one night can be read here.

Detailed info about the Lustica Bay project and Lustica Bay Marina where we stay for one night you can read  here.